Initial Training

Fountx provides on-site training* and ongoing technical support when purchasing Fountx_AsR and incorporates set-up and functionality of both expert station and field pack components of the product.

Depending on the physical location, usage and number of people requiring training, Fountx will provide up to two days of training upon purchase of the product. Below is an outline of the training provided.


Physical Equipment Set-Up

Expert Station

  • Software Installation (depending on the product level, software installation may not be necessary due to pre-installation.)
  • Configuration of the movable arm.

Field Pack

  • No set up required other than connecting headset
Product Usage

Expert station

  • Configuration of software including touchscreen capabilities
  • Annotation demonstration, use and capabilities
  • Telecommunications applications (Fountx does not provide telecommunications solutions))
  • Recording of desktop actions is not available through Fountx. Third party recording software can be used to capture actions for auditing and training purposes.

Field pack

  • Turn on and connect head set
  • Adjustments available to both headset and backpack to allow for glasses, head size, height etc
  • Handheld controller functionality including:
    • Mouse & keyboard control
    • Application shortcuts
    • Volume control
    • Desktop preview
    • Communications connection – multiple options for connectivity are available
      • Wi-Fi – physically login to available Wi-Fi connection on the field pack (via hand held controller)
      • USB to Ethernet adaptor (Not provided by Fountx)
      • Satellite through Wi-Fi or Ethernet (Not provided by Fountx)
      • 3G / 4G tethering  (Not provided by Fountx)
Cleaning Instructions
  • Dry cloth cleaning (Cloth supplied with product purchase)
  • No compressed air to be used to clean any of the product
  • Screen or glasses wipes can be used on the camera and lens components
  • Store in Fountx case and pouches provided
  • Ensure cords / cables are not kinked
  • Don’t leave in the following locations:
    • Wet areas / humid
    • Extreme heat
    • Extreme cold / cool

*Travel and accommodation costs not included in product purchase. Specific regional locations for training are to be discussed and confirmed direct with Fountx as some countries and locations are not covered.