more than just a NAME

The meaning behind the name fountx represents ‘fountain of knowledge expert’, which embodies the institution of what fountx and their products provide to industry.


Fountx is the result of an opportunity, TAE Aerospace CEO Andrew Sanderson saw in research work being done at the CSIRO to develop a next generation alternative to video conferencing and the concept of real time interaction between individuals and teams. Scientific research suggests that a human being’s first response when considering the answer to a question or challenge is to look up in an endeavour to visualise a solution.

The assisted reality technology behind fountx_AsR was developed by CSIRO, Australia’s premier industrial research organisation. Assisted reality (AsR) leverages the benefits of augmented reality (AR), where sensory inputs such as sound and graphics are overlaid on real world environments. It also harnesses the power of ‘smart glasses’ to communicate remotely using telepresence. The assisted reality technology in fountx_AsR relies on advanced human-computer interactions (HCI) and human factors research to allow the technology to effectively ‘get out of the way’ of the user, giving them the spatial awareness they need to get the job done safely. This makes fountx_AsR a smart choice for complex industrial settings where safety is paramount.